Ancestral Lineage Clearing

Family traumas, generational patterns, and inherited traits are difficult to pinpoint—but can often dictate a large portion of our lives. And the decisions we make, both positive and negative. Ancestral Lineage Clearing is an advanced healing technique. During these sessions, we regress into an ancestor or family member’s historical past in order to alter dysfunctional, repeating patterns. In doing so, we allow for the cultivation of more love, health, wealth, joy, and prosperity into our lives. Although we can readily identify some of the common inherited traits from our immediate family, the subtleties can be difficult to identify because they are ingrained in us from the moment we are born into this world.

Familial wounds can go back many generations. That’s why we may not immediately recognize them as familial trauma. We may not have inherited these traits or traumas from our parents or siblings. This emotional baggage can be carried down many branches of the family tree. The more modern science learns about our DNA, the more they draw the same conclusions that have been pervasive throughout eastern and western mysticism. Our DNA can be encoded with the traumas and triumphs of our ancestral past. This hard-coding can deeply influence our choices, behaviors, and relationships. What Ancestral Lineage Clearing does is identify the generational coding that does, and does not serve us. Only then can we begin to heal, and rid ourselves of this ancestral baggage. After our sessions, clients often report a feeling of weightlessness—as though an anchor has been cut loose. When we become free, we can begin to heal our anger, addictions, and abuse. We carry the confidence to move on from our bad jobs, our bad relationships, and our emotional challenges.

Every single individual is  born into this world with ancestral traumas and triumphs. We all begin our lives with the goals and aspirations of those who came before us. These can also conflict with those of our prior lives. Reconciling this can clear confusion associated with these muddy emotional waters.

If you feel drawn to this particular type of healing work—whether for yourself or for others—you’ve been chosen to clear these challenges from your family, and future generations.

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