Bioenernergy Healing

Bioenergy therapy is a safe, non-invasive, painless, powerful and efficient energy healing modality. It works by restoring the human energy body back to its original, balanced state. The bioenergy is used to stimulate the immune system, after which the body starts to heal itself. Every cell in our body contains the blueprint for a healthy body, as well as all the information for the entire system.

The trained practitioner uses universal and earth energies to gently release blocks within the human energy-body system, where stagnation and disease originate. All living beings are supplied this life-force energy (“qi”) that circulates within their entire system. Humans are made up of energy and matter, sustained by oxygenated blood (paramagnetic matter) that acts as a transmitter of high-level cosmic and magnetic earth energies in the body. The oxygen within the cells actively transforms energy, including cosmic energy, into human consciousness.

Our energy body (“aura”) points to imbalances before the maladies manifest in the physical body. Our immune system, is our ‘early warning system’ that carries information on our state of health or disease. When our aura is balanced and surrounds our physical body evenly, we are well; but when there are irregular or distorted patterns in our energy body, illness sets in.

Body energy balancing operates by a basic law of physics; energy flows from high to low potential. The therapist does not use his own energy, but instead transmits bioenergy drawn from outside. This energy contains all the information the body needs in order to heal itself. The body’s innate intelligence directs this energy to the areas needing supply, or removes surplus energy from areas where the potential is too high (i.e., infection, pain). Our bodies are miraculous organisms with a profound body-mind-soul connection.

A therapist does not need to recognize imbalances to restore them to their original charge. The priority is to return the body to its natural state where it is able to heal itself and continue its natural functions. The effectiveness of this healing modality lies in its ability to restore balance to the entire system, not just a few parts. The energy flow of the whole body is restarted already at the first treatment.

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