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Intuitive Readings

Just as your eyes are the windows to your deepest soul, your aura also reflects what is going on inside of you. Similarly, anything that appears in your aura will eventually impact your physical body, as well.

Looking into a person's eyes exchanges trillions of bits of information within seconds, most of it passing through our mind below our awareness. If a person is able to capture some of this information and use it to understand themselves, these insights could help them to grow. Their energy lost to puzzling personal challenges could be redirected with ease towards their destiny.

Since childhood, I have had the ability to ‘read’ people by the way they move, talk and behave, but most especially by looking at their faces. I observe their surrounding energy field and the current emotions in it - this information runs through my mind like a river! I use this method to help people to understand their deepest selves and emotional state, past or present.

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are


This is a great opportunity to look deeper into why some people trigger feelings in us. To answer questions such as, “Why do I attract certain circumstances and people that I have a difficult time dealing with?”

We will always be faced with challenges. We have the power to choose how we perceive and overcome these challenges, instead of being “used up” by them. The world will always reflect back to us, like a movie, what is going on in our subconscious mind. The deeper a person knows themselves, the more awareness they will have. This gives them them an expanded perception and ability to choose the ‘lens’ through which they view the world and their options.

We are not here to create ourselves, but rather to brush off the all the dust covering who we already are. We begin walking towards our true self with confidence and courage, step by step. We can peel off our masks layer by layer to our core. An intuitive reading will help you to take a step towards self-discovery of your true nature.

Intuitive Photo Readings

I offer intuitive readings for you to have a deeper view of your life. Through looking at a photograph, I am able to give insights into a person's character, personality, current emotional state as well as deeper seated emotions they may be unaware of. Clients have reported that my accuracy is over 70%. As my readings require consent, if you request a reading for two people (for example, a compatibility reading) I require permission from both individuals.

How it Works

Please email three current photographs of yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Ensure that your face and eyes can be clearly seen, without sunglasses or costume. Ideally, choose pictures that show you with a neutral or natural expression. A good range would be a headshot from the torso up, one with other people and one where you are not posing.

Within three days of receipt of your photos, I will email you a written report, between one and two pages. I will read aspects of your current emotional state, personality, fears, circumstances, physical feelings, how they relate to others (family, friends, significant other, co-workers), social masks, hidden pains, etc.

If you have any specific questions, please include those in your email and I will see what information comes up to address them. Questions are not required for a general reading.