Fatih Turan Method of Medical Intuition®

A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses information gained through counseling or other perceptions to identify the underlying root causes of illness. Some medical intuitives believe that a proper diagnosis can be made by reading the body’s energy or through psychic revelation. Medical intuitives are sometimes called medical clairvoyants, medical psychics or intuitive counselors. Medical intuitives do not rely solely on scientific diagnostic tools to identify the causes and cures of illnesses. Instead, they practice what is known as medical intuition. Medical intuition involves various methods that focus on gaining information through perception. Medical intuitives take a holistic approach to treating individuals, paying attention to the person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

Some licensed medical professionals may choose to include medical intuition practices as part of their overall diagnostic and treatment process. Other medical intuitives are not licensed physicians and provide counseling or other alternative treatment services. Fatih use his psychic abilities to do a body scan, scanning various system in the body incl. the organs if they are functioning properly and if there are any emotions stored which effects the daily lives.

Each organ in our body has its own database and carries also the emotions from our ancestors passed on through the genetic memory. Fatih uses the information through the body scan and moves the info to his own created modality „Ancestral Lineage Analysis“ to find out where these issues and memories from your ancestral lineage are coming from. This gives the client a clarity for his/her mind for what’s happening in the body. Additionally Fatih offers Bioenergy healing, Ancestral Lineage Clearing and Psychic Surgery to help heal the clients.

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