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Mind and Thought Work

By first becoming aware of the thoughts coming and going in our mind, we can begin to identify them, then choose to let go of those which are not truth through discernment. Fatih animatedly describes this collection of thoughtforms and beliefs as a "Thought Bubble" that we can observe and unplug from. This present-moment awareness frees the individual from identifying with limiting beliefs and realizing that the mind chatter may not all be their own.

Fatih created an experiential exercise in which he creates an energetic cave around a person, which they can visualize as their own “Thought Bubble”. He then speaks directly to their mind to release the limiting thoughts and beliefs out of their bubble, allowing the person to feel their bubble and mind clearing.

This exercise also helps to slow down racing thoughts by directly confronting the mind’s ego. Instead of avoiding the chatter, sounds, images and voices in our head, we confront them. Through awareness, we can then begin to observe and filter our thoughts, rather than getting caught up in the “rushing stream” and reacting to what may not be true. Practicing this exercise will allow us to start living with a calmer, self-controlled mind, so we can direct our energy towards our goals with less interference and distraction.

Bringing the spiritual aspect of faith into this process will greatly enhance our ability to transcend our fears and perceived limitations and move forward with greater ease and peace of mind.