Psychic Surgery


Psychic Surgery is a meditative and holist practice.
Our one-on-one practice consists of two sessions on two consecutive days.
On the session day, the consultant is video called before the practice, and then a special program is created according to the situation of the person.
After this practice, the blockages within you, such as:
– Genetic diseases inherited passed down from your ancestors, gene karmas and karmas from your past life
 – Etheric bonds and energy hooks
 – Psychic attacks on you (spells – magic – talismans – metaphysical beings)
 – Subconscious cleansing, mental, emotional, spiritual purification and programming
 – Awakening blocked chakras, cleansing the aura and healing aura tears
 – Healing of the womb, inner balance, space cleansing, abundance and fertility work
 – Childhood traumas
– Masculine/feminine energy activation and sexual issues
 – Troubled relationships, relationships with the opposite sex and marital problems
– Feelings of betrayal, guilt and insignificance
 – Lack of understanding, inability to express oneself and communication problems
 – Self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, courage work, apologizing to yourself and making peace with your inner YOU
– Anger management, depression, major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, bipolar, borderline, anxiety, obsession, anxiety, personality disorder and all phobias
– Aches, pains, allergies, bodily blockages, and chronic diseases and weight problems will be cleared and healed, and your frequency will increase. You will be healed and your quality of life will increase. This practice is a purification and healing program and it is also an education with the teachings taught to you afterwards. A Guidance and Spiritual Coaching process is also included in this practice.

Level I

In this Level, you feel internally peaceful and happy, you have a very high tolerance for anger, anxiety and fear, and your pulse and heart rhythm and bodily flow are balanced.
It gradually eliminates your chronic diseases.
It protects you against diseases by strengthening your immune system.
It relaxes and calms you in times of stress.
It helps you overcome the feeling of fear.
It helps you clarify your thoughts when you are feeling confused.
It reduces your pain and aches.
It helps you direct your thoughts to the right direction.
It stops the progression of your existing diseases
It cleanses your body of toxins and removes poisonous substances.
It dissolves emotional blockages and helps you solve your emotional problems.
It increases your intuitive abilities and awareness.
It helps your body wounds to heal more easily.
It helps you to be calmer and more constructive in your relationships with people.
It increases your artistic productivity and makes it easier to be inspired.
It helps you to get rid of destructive emotions such as grudge, hatred, and anger.
It treats problems arising from your subconscious self.
It helps you find what is right and good for you.
It energizes you and reduces the effects of aging.
It helps you solve your sexual problems.
It gives positive results in psychological disorders, phobias, and depression.
It enhances your love and care feelings and positively contributes to your emotional relationships.
It helps to solve your problems such as insomnia, exhaustion and reluctance.
Helping to solve physical, psychological and mental problems and other positive effects will support you in your work life, emotional life and social relationships and will help you become a much happier person.
It enhances your emotions and contributes positively to your emotional relationships.
It improves your chronic ailments in the process.
It strengthens your immune system and protects you against possible future diseases – It relaxes and calms you in times of aggression and anger.
It strengthens communication with other people.
Level 1 includes a self-healing and cleansing technique using your hands, moving them through the chakras.
You become your own practitioner,
– you can heal pain
– you can heal bodily blockages by using your hands
– you can cleanse the chakras -balance the chakras and provide healing through your hands
– you can calm your nerves‘ system
– you can neutralize feelings of anger, anxiety

Further Instructions will be sent by email after the session!

Level II

The frequency and consciousness of the person who is attuned to an energy dimension is 200 times higher than the First Level. The energy frequency passing through all chakra systems is much higher, vibrating at 400 mHz.
-You get the power of using energy in the astral dimension by using brain waves mentally from a distance without touching
-You get the power to send energy to your loved ones outside, and to your wishes and dreams
-Includes teachings on how to enter the subconscious mind, how to control many flows in your life, and how to send energy to the future or the past.
-The teachings of mental, spiritual, bodily and vital purification are taught in this Level
Esoteric Symbols are used without the use of hands
-Esoteric powers are granted to open the doors to abundance, prosperity, power, success
-Finding the missing items
-Encoding of food and beverage
-Healing traumas deep in the subconscious -Cleaning of places -Energy cleansing of objects and items is also taught in this Level
Level 2 Studies Psychic Surgery work and comes after Level 1 and much more
– Provides in-depth comprehensive Healings.
These improvements are:
and much more.
The competence you receive in this Level gives you the power to use energy in many areas and telekinetically heal life and space.
1. Especially in healing relationship difficulties
2. For emotional/mental strains such as irritability, depression, anger and sadness
3. To improve memory
4. It can also be used to increase the implantation and influence of new positive thought patterns, allowing them to better penetrate deeper into the subconscious mind.
6. It can be also used to treat the aura and the body energies.
7. It is very useful to use it for psychological problems and for healing past troubles, fears, addictions and relationships.
8. In arguments, tense situations, business negotiations, you can intend for the highest benefit of everyone involved, and think of those people and let them protect you like a filter.
We always have to remember the highest benefit of the people involved.
9. If we are going to heal a relationship between two people, we can intend „for the highest benefit of all concerned, …….. and my relationship is healing“ and then we can heal.
10. To increase our learning capacity, to eliminate distractions
11. It is very useful in those odd moments when you lose something, for example, you forget your keys or the name of the person you wanted to speak to.
By visualizing what you have lost, you can heal your loss.
For the living and non-living, you can use it for the purposes of:
-Sealing and coding
and with other belief systems, prayers and rituals which you believe protects you.
It can also be used to protect yourself, your home, your car, your children and everything you care about.
Including protection from physical harm, protection from verbal and emotional conflicts, and protection from spiritual attacks.
1. You can protect yourself from all negative possibilities at the beginning of any healing session or at any time.
2. Whenever you get into a vehicle, board an airplane, travel with relatives (with their permission), you can give them a few minutes of healing for protection,
3. You can protect your children by letting the energy flow for a short period of time when they leave the house or go to school.
4. While eating out or eating in unfamiliar and unsafe places, you can energize the food in order to heal and protect against all the negativities during the preparation of the food.
5. You can protect your confidential documents.
6. You can protect yourself from possible negative situations before an important and tense meeting
7. You can protect yourself from all negative energy between you and the people you are in conflict.

Further Instructions will be send by email after the session!

Level III

It is a frequency scale 500 times higher than Level 2. All chakra and aura systems reach a frequency scale above 600 MHZ. Authorizations for psychic surgery work are granted in this Level.
-Aura awakening
-Aura closing
-Healing Aura Tears
-Chakra awakening
-Clearing psychic energies
-Techniques to heal mental and emotional traumas and chronic physical illnesses.
Mental exercises in the higher energy dimension are taught to be done in the Astral dimension.

Further Instructions will be sent by email after the session!

Level IV

This Level is also the master phase and includes all the teachings that require Astral studies in the High Luminous dimension. In this Level, there is a leap of consciousness, the amount of energy passing through all chakra system is extremely high, and the aura field creates a range that will neutralize the bad energy of thousands of people.
The Master now begins to train students by fulfilling the duties of Guidance.
He is authorized to teach all the practices of the first, second and third Levels.
-Hand techniques and skills are taught
Follows the student’s development, evolution and their whole journey alongside them.

Further Instructions will be sent by email after the session!

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