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Qi Gong Animal Distant Healing


Qigong is a therapeutic practice using gentle exercise and breathing techniques that has been used for thousands of years to optimize and restore energy to the body, mind and spirit. Qigong has had many names, including “dao-yin”, meaning “leading and guiding the energy”. T he practitioner guides energy in another’s body by using specific hand movements and sequences to both energize and release excess energy. Energy in the body which has stopped flowing becomes stagnated, resulting in inflammation, chronic pain or illness. Our energy fields can be restored back to a calm balanced state that then promotes self-healing in the body.

Distant Healing for Animals

Distant healing does not require the receiver to be physically present with the practitioner in order to receive the energy, as the energy body can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This is an efficient and effective healing modality that works for both humans and animals, as they are both mammals.

Fatih combines qigong methodology with distant healing techniques such as visualization, intention and intuition to offer Qigong Distant Healing for Animals. He accesses the animal’s energy field to detect imbalances and send energy that strengthens its immune systems, resulting in self-healing. Designed specifically for domestic pets as well as horses and fowl, each animal is approached in similar way, with modifications for the size and shape of the animal.


One treatment consists of six sessions transmitted within a period of two weeks. Each session lasts around 40 minutes and your animal will not feel any discomfort from this. Some animals do not show response while others become very relaxed. As they heal over the next few days, their energy may increase if if had been low prior to treatment. Fatih will arrange a time with you that best serves your animal to receive the energy. Your consent on behalf of your loved one to receive the energy for their best health helps to initiate the process. Fatih will consult with you prior to the first session and advise you how to prepare your animal to receive.

Common ailments successfully treated (either resolved or significantly improved) include inflammation, stomach conditions, epilepsy, respiratory infections, arthritis as well as low vitality and mood. Many concerns can be treated; please contact Fatih to arrange a consultation to review your animal’s symptoms and he will answer your questions a provide a treatment plan.