Spiritual Life Coaching

It is only through struggle, challenges, and hardships that we grow. As such, Fatih’s spiritual life coaching is built on the foundation of his own experiences—through this lens, he educates and works with clients. Through Fatih’s journey, his studies, his mentorships, he’s learned one piece of eternal wisdom that his spiritual life coaching imparts to his clients: While we move forward in life, we must heal, and understand WHY things are the way they are.

Instead of trying to forget—a deep awareness of ourselves during the healing process is crucial. This awareness leads to the ability for individual clients to notice the changes occurring within them, as well as changes in their outward experiences. This includes how we interact with others, how those interactions affect us, and how we treat one another.

The path that we walk in life can be winding and filled with unknowns. What spiritual life coaching does is give us a roadmap, and plan of action, and the confidence in ourselves to meet challenges head-on. Everyone’s experiences are different, and some challenges are deeper than others. That’s why no two life coaching clients are alike. Fatih tailors his method to the individual. Before long, the fog that once clouded the way ahead begins to lift. Our tunnel vision becomes wider, including a deep awareness of our surroundings. It is a rebirth, giving us a fresh perspective, and a new outlook on life.

Fatih’s focus in his spiritual life coaching are the deep spiritual imprints and scars that hold individuals back from reaching their full potential. These imprints can lead us to repeat certain behaviours and patterns that create vicious cycles in our lives. We all have the ability to CHANGE. We just need the tools and resources. Unfortunately in today’s society, these tools aren’t readily available. They’re not part of our education. Fatih’s work helps equip clients for the future. Life runs on its OWN schedule. Sometimes our best laid plans can turn to dust in our hands. It is how we react to these detours that allow us to grow. Our emotions have a deep influence on our future prosperity. The universe has a mind of its own. WE can’t control it. All we can do is prepare ourselves spiritually and emotionally for the journey. On this journey, if we have the tools to listen, our emotions will guide us to our scars that need to be healed. The key is ENJOYING the journey.

We all have a start date, and a best before date. It’s about squeezing every last drop out of the fruit of life, while enjoying the often strenuous journey. Through consultation, Fatih gently and patiently guides clients toward the healing required to make the most of life. This one-step-at-a-time process is designed to not overwhelm. Faith utilizes Bioenergy Healing to support the client’s flow of energy, restoring balance during this period. When balanced, Fatih’s clients discover and harness their inner strength—while also finding their own empowerment and truth. This is the foundation upon which a great life is built.

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