Fatih Turan

Not every 12 year old boy from Turkey fully-immerses themselves in Eastern philosophy and martial arts. But for Fatih, Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi became his life’s passion from an early age. Fatih was blessed to learn under the tutelage of some of the most highly coveted masters from Asia during his childhood in Germany.

4 years after he began his journey, at just 16 years old, Fatih became one of the youngest ever Kung Fu instructors. The path in front of us isn’t always linear, and led to Fatih becoming a stuntman in German films for several years. Although this work was fun and exciting, the ancient healing arts still called out to him.

Being of Turkish-Mongolian descent, Shamanism and Sufism were a natural draw. Those philosophies ended up being how Fatih learned to master the art of energy healing—through a unique combination of cosmic and earth energies. Ever-searching for knowledge, Fatih undertook a spiritual journey in 2006 which changed his life. He was fortunate enough to live in the Wudang Mountain in Central China with the Taoist monks. He learned from both their lifestyle, and their spiritual practices. This bolstered Fatih’s spiritual healing abilities.

By 2007, Fatih was on the move again. This time, it was to Vancouver, BC, Canada to once again pursue a career in acting.
While earning his diploma from the William B. Davis Centre for Actor Study—Fatih continued to learn and ingest all he could from the world of healers and therapists.
This time, he took the time to look within, and seek help in his own personal life from Bowen Therapy, Esoteric Osteopathy, Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR, and various forms of Yoga.

By 2015, Fatih was truly becoming a master of his craft. He travelled to Slovenia where he studied the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing.
He graduated with his level 1 & 2 Certificates, giving him the ability to provide long-distance energy healing.

Fatih’s journey came full circle in 2016. He returned to Turkey, his beloved birthplace, in order to immerse himself in Sufism, and Sufi healing. It was here that the final pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. This study led him to the realization that human existence is a beautiful tableau of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual elements.

Studying Naturopathic Psychotherapy in Germany in 2017, Fatih truly rounded out his study. This allowed him deep insights into the Western approach, through the teaching of the masters Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm and Carl Gustav Jung. This study bridged the gap between Eastern and Western healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

In 2019 Fatih met Ariann Thomas while searching for shamanic healing, not only receiving healing from her but also taking her course in Ancestral Lineage Clearing, which brought light into an entire different world of healing, Fatih is a certified Ancestral Lineage Clearing practitioner.

2022 Fatih was introduced to Psychic Surgery, he studied it for for 14 months, took all 4 levels and received the master healer degree.

Fatih lives and travels between Germany, Turkey and Vancouver, BC, where he continues his quest to explore the human mind, spirit, and energy.

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