Introduction Turan Therapy

Fatih’s entire life has been his education. From the time he was a young man, studying eastern philosophy, mysticism, and martial arts—to his years traveling the world studying with the masters of mystic arts. Dedicated to internal arts and crafting Turan Therapy ever since.

Fatih’s life’s journey has been driven by a passionate and boundless curiosity. The knowledge gained through this, has allowed him to develop a holistic approach to therapy that recognizes and honors the connection between body, mind, emotion, and spirit. By recognizing the commonalities and synchronicities between them, Turan Therapy seeks to balance and harmonize the disparities in certain areas, allowing for an equilibrium in life, love, and happiness.

Growth is in the knowing. The ancient Greeks had a maxim “Know Thyself”. This can be difficult to undertake on one’s own. It often takes an intuitive outsider’s perspective to truly delve into their own life’s meaning.

Turan Therapy is the expansion of the awareness and perception of every facet of your life. The result of this awareness is an improvement in some of the key areas of their being. It’s a holistic therapy based on both eastern and western philosophy. Through listening, observing, and using his deep intuitive power—Fatih taps into the root of emotion (Energy In Motion).

What Fatih is intuitively looking for in these sessions are the use of voice, breathing, speech patterns, repetitive habits, body language of the client. Additionally using his intuitive abilities to read the energy fields of his clients. This is done in order to gauge the suppression of emotion. These trapped emotions can affect our daily lives in so many ways, and getting to the root of the issue is paramount. Once the emotions are discovered through intuitive body-scans, Fatih utilizes his ancestral lineage analysis to analyze passed on memories of the client. We’ll unearth some of the ancestral traumas that left scars on the family tree. Releasing these memories lifts the burdens of the past from the shoulders of the client.

Fatih is a seer, highly skilled channeler, an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentience, claircognizance with psychic mediumship and remote viewing abilities to communicate with the spirit world. He guides his clients to clarity and uses his healing abilities for their whole well-being for a healthier future.

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