Bio Fatih Turan

Fatih Turan has a unique cultural heritage, as he was born in Turkey and grew up in Germany. He began his spiritual path at the early age of 12, through the practices of Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi. Having trained with esteemed Kung Fu masters from throughout Asia, he became Kung Fu instructor by age 16. His initial desire to learn Martial Arts soon evolved into a lifestyle supporting the practice of Internal Arts and the development of a strong foundation in energy healing.

Fatih’s Turkish-Mongolian background has deep roots in Shamanism and Sufism; two very ancient practices that work with cosmic and earth energies to facilitate healing within the human body on multiple levels. His quest to learn more about the Internal Arts and his ancestry drew him to the famous Wudang Mountains of Central China in 2006, where he lived and studied with Taoist Monks in their monastery. This intensive experience greatly expanded and clarified his understanding of life and healing from an energetic viewpoint.

In 2007, Fatih crossed the globe to Vancouver, BC, to pursue full-time studies in another passion of his, acting. After graduating with his diploma from VanArts, he was offered a job as a Martial Arts Instructor and decided to stay in Kitsilano.

Throughout his seven years in Vancouver, he met many healers and therapists from various modalities and continued his own personal healing journey. His experiences with Bowen Therapy, Esoteric Osteopathy, Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR and Kundalini Yoga expanded his perspective on how people approach their personal healing.

Fatih visited Istanbul in 2014 to learn from one of his favorite mentors in Sufi Healing; this visit greatly furthered his understanding and continuing studies in Sufism and how the mind, body and soul work in harmony together.

In the following May of 2015, Fatih traveled to Bled, Slovenia to complete the Level II Certification in the “Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing” giving him the skills to begin offering this progressive, powerful and effective energy healing modality to others.

Since 2006, Fatih has been developing his own modality, “Turan Therapy: A Method for Holistic Healing” which guides the client through an interactive, experiential and exploratory journey of their inner being in order to restore the energetic balance that allows for self-healing to occur.