Areas of Expertise

Fatih Turan Method of Medical Intuition®

Fatih Turan Method of Medical Intuition® A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses information gained through counseling or other perceptions to identify the underlying root causes of illness. Some medical intuitives believe that a proper diagnosis can be made by reading the body’s energy or through psychic revelation. Medical intuitives are sometimes […]

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Ancestral Lineage Clearing

Home Ancestral Lineage Clearing Family traumas, generational patterns, and inherited traits are difficult to pinpoint—but can often dictate a large portion of our lives. And the decisions we make, both positive and negative. Ancestral Lineage Clearing is an advanced healing technique. During these sessions, we regress into an ancestor or family member’s historical past in

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Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery Intro Psychic Surgery is a meditative and holist practice.Our one-on-one practice consists of two sessions on two consecutive days.On the session day, the consultant is video called before the practice, and then a special program is created according to the situation of the person.After this practice, the blockages within you, such as:– Genetic

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