The method is created to restore balance to your energy body first, so your physical body will begin to heal itself. I will perform certain hand movements around your body that transmit new energy into your system. This energy works with your body’s innate intelligence that directs it to the right areas to bring back balance. This happens by removing excess energy from areas of stagnation or inflammation and replenishing new energy to areas where it is low. You will see me do many whirling hand movements around your body during the session.
One complete session consists of four 30-minute treatments, ideally received four days in a row. Alternatively, the treatments can be arranged every other day, so long as four regular treatments are received within a two-week period.

The treatments are painless and you can expect to feel a range of sensations, none of which are uncomfortable. You may feel your body swaying, areas of warmth, tingling, energy movements or the feeling of being “touched” when you aren’t.

You can continue your daily activities while receiving treatments, for the most part. Depending on your condition, you may feel tired as your body readjusts into balance. Be aware of this if your job requires a lot of sustained energy, as you may need to manage your demands to allow for this. All shifts in energy following treatment are signs of the healing process happening.

It is very important that you continue taking any prescribed medications and you are encouraged to consult with your doctor and/or other healthcare practitioners for advice and check-ups.

Everything in the universe is energy, including our body; it is an energy system that needs attention and care in order to function at its best. Therefore, any issue can be treated with Bioenergy for resolution or improvement. The practitioner applies the energy to the client’s issue, whether it be emotional, physical or mental and the energy works from there to restore harmony and health to the entire system.

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