Pallavi Raina.....Montana U.S.A.

Turkey Pallavi Raina from Montana U.S.A.

Suffering from a mycoplasma synoviae infection. It's transmitted from the mother to the egg, so he's had it since he was an egg. Symptoms only appeared a few weeks ago but it's getting progressively worse. The pathogenesis is wind cold dampness, like rheumatoid arthritis - he can't walk, no balance, but he can use his legs - plus difficulty breathing like bronchitis or plum pit qi, plus stomach / intestines distress.

Turan Therapy bioenergy healing works too good !! The turkey was treated twice and last night he decided he wanted to rejoin his flock - he put up such a huge fight, didn't want to stay in the luxury accommodations inside my house, he wanted to stay in his own house with the chickens. No more sick bed for him. He is very happy and busy this morning. Eating good and drinking water on his own. It's awesome and amazing. If you need help with an animal call on Fatih Turan it's an amazing complimentary therapy need one on myself.