Fatih I really want to thank you for the healing work you have done for me. I must say I was a little skeptical in the beginning and happily surprised by the tangible results of the Bioenergy healing. My experience with this healing has gone far beyond the physical and has re-connected me to parts of myself that I thought were lost – this alone is a gift in itself. As a Reiki practitioner for 25 years I have experienced and witnessed many different healings but I must say that your treatments have a depth, breadth and strength that is quite rare. There is gentleness in the strength of these treatments that produces results quite quickly. Within 16 sessions of treatment I have experienced positive physical and emotional healing that with other modalities, including Reiki, could easily take much longer. I have met many healers in my life, but very few like you who not only has a genuine and sincere desire to help but one who has a truly authentic gift. I appreciate your gentleness, honesty and kindness and want to thank you for your time and thoughtfulness through this process.

With heartfelt gratitude, Farahnazz.

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