I recently took 8 healing sessions with Fatih. I do not have any health issues or aches and pains so I wasn’t sure what changes I would see. I was open though to releasing and clearing any energy blocks that I might have.
During each session I would continuously yawn, lots of tears so I knew that I was releasing blocks and clearing.
It’s now a couple of weeks now and I see new opportunities opening up for me financially. This is something I was looking forward to.
I believe one doesn’t necessarily have to be in pain or have health issues for this therapy to work. When energy flows freely, we attract all good things in life including health, abundance, peace and prosperity.
Fatih has a gentle way of explaining without saying too much. I felt very comfortable with him right from the beginning.
I recommend this therapy to anyone who is open minded. Connect with him and experience this amazing therapy and see what changes in your life.Thank you Fatih and I look forward to taking more sessions in the near future

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