As a long-time lover of power yoga, weights and running, I have always been a bit stuck to the strenuous as the best way to take care of my physical and decompress. And although I have always wanted to try Qi gong after hearing about it’s healing and restorative benefits, I still pre-judged it as ‚too gentle‘ or ‚too slow‘ to be able to relax my monkey-mind and body enough. At the same time, I was curious why Fatih, similarly active and strong and needing that physical outlet, would be so committed to Qi gong. After a few classes, I was humbled. The simple sequences had a calming, yet energizing effect on me, and for two hours I never looked at my watch! It taught me that I don’t need grueling exercise to get into that good space…and I can practice no matter what my energy level, mood or motivation is going in. I can come as I am, injured or energetic and leave in a better place within myself, spacious, flexible and clear.

It helps when you have an engaging teacher like Fatih! You immediately pick up on his love for Qi gong and for teaching…every class feels fresh. His own form and grace of movement is inspiring to witness; it’s not often you get to meet someone with his extensive and specialized training and experience. His warm, gentle and funny nature make his lessons welcoming and empowering to all students. What I especially appreciate is that he will stretch me past where I am currently at, but always with respect and awareness of what is going on with my body that day.

I’ve taken well over a thousand classes for various activities over the years, and Fatih stands out as one of the best teachers I’ve had, both for guiding a group together through movement and quiet meditation, as well as giving attention and development for each student. Thank you, Fatih, for making this ancient practice accessible for us in Vancouver!

Melissa K. Kozma

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