When I met Fatih, I was in a extremely poor situation as I was experiencing depression and fears with a very disturbing and life-limiting nausea.

However, the opposite happened after I volunteered aAt first it was hard to believe that a person whom I had only known a few minutes could make a difference with hypnosis. I’m always very skeptical about such methods, but because of the positive experience my friend had, I allowed myself to try it. What could I lose?s the ‚icebreaker‘ for the gathering. I honestly have to say I could not help grinning. It was really amazing! He stood at a distance from me and as he used psychokinesis, I felt a power that I can not explain.

I must say, it was amazing. After just one session I was very exhausted, but my nausea is gone. It very rarely comes over me now – after a few months only some brief nausea comes, but it quickly disappears and no longer remains for hours or days. I can enjoy my life again.Thank you for the quick and effective help!

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