When I heard about distance Bioenergy Healing from Fatih, I immediately wanted to try it. I was feeling pretty low-energy from being stressed at work and from being disconnected from nature, having recently moved to the city. So, I was feeling a bit “off” from my normal self and was curious to see if a Bioenergy Healing treatment would help me feel any better. We did three sessions, three days in a row. I really enjoyed the treatments because it was very relaxing and it gave me a good chance to forget about the busyness of my day and focus inward on myself. Each session felt slightly different. During the first session, I felt like a lot of clearing happened in my body’s energy. I felt some blocks releasing and I could feel some shifting and adjusting in the hours after the treatment as well. The second treatment was more subtle, but I felt a wonderful sense of cohesiveness throughout my body and like a warm glow during the treatment. I also had some visual images come to me. The third treatment felt very light and again I had a pleasant warm glowing feeling throughout my body during the treatment. I also felt a big opening in my heart centre toward the end of the treatment.

I feel that the Bioenergy Healing treatments helped to clear and balance my body’s energy flow, and also helped me to ground into my body. Fatih also provided some good insight related to some unresolved emotional issues affecting my aura, which I appreciated and gave me some excellent food for thought to consider as I continue my healing journey. I also felt a good connection with Fatih as he is very clear with his intention and his presence is very safe and strong. I would definitely recommend trying a Bioenergy Distant Healing session with Fatih to anyone out there who is curious about it or looking for a way to rebalance.“

Pauline Edwards
Reiki Master/Teacher

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