After many heats of pain and unsuccessful so called conventional treatments for my back and arm pain I decided that I would need to look for alternative treatment for my conditions. Fatih Turan offered me a course of bioenergy treatment. I had never heard of this before but was willing to give it a go. My pain was unbearable that I had missed days at work due to it. I sent Fatih Turan an up to date photo as requested and through skype at an arranged time the treatment begun. As this was new to me I was sceptical but through speaking to Fatih I felt reassured and new I was in good hands. I was amazed as I could feel as though someone was in the room with me working on my injury’s. After the scheduled course of treatments was over I have not experienced any recurrence of my back and arm injury/pain that I had been feeling and gladly not had to miss any working days due to these injury’s. If you are thinking about undertaken bioenergy healing but are unsure I would tell you go for it because it works. I have experienced the healing powers of this treatment through the highly skilled hands of Fatih Turan and I would recommend this to anyone.

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