I turned to Fatih Turan during a very unsettling time of my life. As a fellow wellness practitioner it is, at times, very difficult to maintain ones’ own health as it is often put aside in order to assist others with their own issues. I had become too busy to be as active physically as I normally am and the constant rush to accomplish my daily tasks- both for work and on the home front was taking a toll. After seeking professional medical advice for several issues and getting absolutely nowhere with my condition or practitioners, I realized I needed to explore other options and more precisely one that integrates many methods to understand the complexity of my issues as well as being able to establish trust in order for me to let down my guard as I am both highly sensitive and acutely aware.

The list was long – My guts were a mess and inflamed, my skin was often irritated, I wasn’t sleeping well, poor circulation, breathing issues and constant fatigue had reached a tipping point. I just wanted relief. Now one might try to negate the validity of distance healing but being a twin, I have a pre-established understanding. Having a deep connection with my brother all my life and even stronger or more refined from a greater distance, I was open to the prospect of Turan therapy though I had never had a distance healing session before.

Trust is paramount when choosing treatments and practitioners to support my own wellness and I can attest to the fact that Fatih, has the sincerity and clear focus that permeated my guard instantly, as well as an innate sense of understanding that goes beyond any exchange of words – he could read my body very well and pointed out issues I had not addressed as important but which, in an integral way, stem from the same branch. I was very impressed by this.

His treatments in has had a very profound effect on me both physically and mentally. I was at first very tired and slept more than usual, my face started to glow with a new sense of circulation and relief. I felt as though I had begun to eliminate all this stored up pressure caused by years of stress and anxiety, that was actually slowing me down when I needed to speed up. After each session I began to regain momentum, re-establish inner balance and I felt truly re-invigorated. This whole process also had me taking more time to look after myself and giving my mind and body what it needs to continue to feel well. By doing so, I actually save time and I can get more accomplished which also lessens the stress, frustration and depression of having to rush or get little accomplished.

Having now completed 4 sessions my energy has increased, I have a more acute focus and can sense old blockages dissipating. I experienced this during and after each session as well as feeling the continued flow even today. My guts are on the mend, the inflammation is getting better, my lymphatic system is still draining out old toxins and my skin is less irritated. I have more motivation and sense of accomplishment when I get through tasks, I am drinking more water or taking the time to take care of myself as well as being able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time which I so needed.

Fatih has an intimate understanding and sincere willingness to help one with physical and psychological imbalances, calling on our own internal processors to reactivate and realign with our own healing power. He has inspired me to be more in tune with my own energy system as this will in turn help me to help others. I am more than grateful for having undergone this treatment and will be including it in my monthly self-care program as well as encourage others to enlist his services too.

Jennifer Davidson
Behavioral Interventionist / Developmental Therapist / Change Catalyst
L.I.F.E Centre (Look In Find Everything)

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